Do you know how the manufacturing plant produces the household leather bag?

This posting will show you how we made the leather carrier (in Guangzhou, China), most fundamental steps needed in addition to information, AND you may know to Customize your current bag to suit the one of a kind wants and produce your bag brand and style. Contact us nowadays in customizing your carrier model. 20%discount for first sample order! let’s get most suitable in.

11 step to a leather case inside factory
Table of contents:
1. Design design
2 . Selection of material
3. Generating paper pattern
4. Cutting material
five. Skiving
6th. General strategy
7. Sewing
8. Piece of art edge
nine. Assembling metallic part
12. Stop outside stitching
11. Packing

bag factory
Based on designer bag sketch, all of our custom made will certainly discuss the detail, precisely how to bring the idea to help life, giving that the right shape.
Choosing material ( guide: bag material)
This will depend on the shape, this actual softness, the construction involving the bag we will be going to make, all of us should think about often the quality of the leather, whether this suitable regarding causeing this to be style or definitely not

Making example paper pattern
We initial make the paper pattern which all of us start our very first small sample, using the leather whilst will be for trial creation and the similar kind of factor.
when the designer does confirm the paper pattern,
we discover the appropriate making way with regard to the production plus create front and back again coaching detail into the report pattern.
also how in order to put the strengthening, whether to glue how much for you to skive plus where this must be done.

Trimming material

To cut the particular leather, first, we need to check the top quality in the leather.
the staff has to decide which portion of the skin we can use for the entrance and even back, and which element we should work with for the bottom part the inside.
second, we need to take note of cut, also in order to, build, stitch and thus on.
everyone in the particular development line should recognize that wonderfully.
PS: most of us have the modern equipment for cutting material last year. automatic machine speed up the availability, and more finely-detailed. Pls follow the link to perspective how automatic machine work | leather case producer tour.

Skiving household leather
In respect to the paper structure, often the softness and the thinness from the skin, often the worker have to modify this machine, the different possible types of leather have various requirements.
according to the designer requirement, leather wants to be skived, stuck having exactly the accurate amount of glue, in case necessary reinforced, and ultimately pressed to make just about all the materials mixture along to give the right regularity.

General method
a single. the particular table and this tools must be kept clear
2. selecting the correct glue, adhere to this training of the paper design
3. glue on the particular borders could be employed either with a brush involving with a glue dispenser.
4. sometimes it is very essential to use double tape.

We have distinct kinds of carefully thread. most of us typically use nylon plus fabric-made, the nylon twine is thinner in addition to utilized for the inner elements. cotton is more supple, this appears nice as compared to nylon, for this reason we applied it in all this noticeable part of the particular handbag.
the inner sewing will be smaller in comparison with outer stitching
we alter the stitching machine step according to the width involving the thread, the outer stitching stops the establishing point in order that the joint will become insistent.